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Student Funding & Research

This page describes departmental funding for students, and also some other key sources of student funding from the university, used by our majors.  It also provdes some pathways for student research.


Barlow Awards

Through the generosity of Pete and Sandra Barlow, the CWU Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies would like to help fund your exploration of anthropology.  There are two awards, one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students.  The department expects to fund at least $16,000 per year in Barlow awards.

The awards are funded all year with no specific deadline, but you are encouraged to apply before April 15 of each year as possible.

  • The undergraduate Immersive Anthropology Award is to support an immersive, outside of class experience for anthropology majors. This award is for up to $2,000. For more details and application instructions, see  Barlow Immersive Anthropology Award and also

    Sample Immersive Anthropology Award Application.

  • The Graduate Research Award is to support either thesis research or an immersive, outside of class experience for graduate students with anthropology faculty mentors. This award is for up to $500. For more details and application instructions, see Barlow Graduate Research Award

See how other students have used the award: Barlow Award Recipients

For more information, please speak with your Anthropology faculty advisor or email


Wilson Archaeology Scholarship

Through the generosity of Dennis and Nancy Wilson, the CWU Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies funds one archaeology student a year for this $1,000 award.  Eligible students to apply are full-time CWU student specializing in archaeology, in good academic standing, and either a junior or senior Anthropology major, or a graduate student Cultural & Environmental Resource Management major.  The deadline is typically Winter quarter of each year.

To apply, complete the application form, attach a written statement as described on the form, and submit via email to  The archaeology faculty will consider your application form and statement, and the criterion “committed and dedicated student of archaeology” in light of your academic record, research and activity in archaeology.

Wilson Archaeology Scholarship Application Form

For more information, please speak with or email


C. Farrell Research Scholarship

This is a CWU-wide scholarship that has been awarded to our majors.  Through the generosity of Corrine Farrell, CWU funds multiple students every year, including tuition for up to three quarters, and associated research costs.  Research projects in the archaeology of Kittitas County are eligible for the award.

Research projects must be coordinated with a faculty mentor.  If interested, speak with an archaeology faculty member (Drs. Hackenberger, Lubinski, or McCutcheon).  Previous projects have focused on student analysis of chipped stone tools, faunal remains, ground stone, ceramics, glass, and other materials from several local archaeological sites, and funded tuition, multiple radiocarbon dates, and other items.

There is one deadline near the end of each quarter, one in December, one in March, and one in June.

For more details and application instructions, see the pertinent scholarships page


McNair Scholars Program

This is a federally-funded CWU-wide scholarship program that has been awarded to our majors.  It is named in honor of astronaut Ronald E. McNair.  The program is designed to support low-income, first-generation undergraduates, and underrepresented minority students interested in graduate school.  It provides paid summer research, funding for research presentations, funding for graduate school applications and visits, and mentored guidance through the graduate school process.  This is a 2-year program that accepts students into cohorts on a rolling basis. 

For more details and application instructions, see the pertinent page


OUR Research Grants

The CWU Office of Undergraduate Research offers several additional grants to support undergraduate research costs, and student presentations at professional conferences.   For more details see


Anthropology Departmental Honors

The honors program is designed to facilitate individualized research and study in some aspect of Anthropology.  It is open to junior and senior students; honors students are eligible to graduate "with honors in Anthropology."  An honors project must be developed in consultation with an advisor and approved by department faculty.  Honors programs include at least 10 credits of directed individual study, and writing of an honors thesis, as well as focused research in connection with regular departmental coursework.  Further information on the program is available from the Department Chair.

Getting Started in Research

If you are potentially interested in doing some research as an undergraduate, talk to one of our department faculty about your ideas. They can help you explore and develop ideas, and guide you to an appropriate faculty mentor. An initial start for many students is to arrange an Indivdual Study course for one or more credits with a faculty member.






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