Student Union building policies, procedures and forms

Add to the campus experience and ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for our community with these helpful guidelines.

When you're at the SURC, the policies and procedures are in place to create a secure, all-inclusive, and pleasant atmosphere for everyone. By following these policies, you play a role in upholding a warm environment where you and others can freely participate in the array of SURC activities, events, dining options, and student spaces.

SURC Forms

These forms are utilized to ensure the SURC, a student-owned building, is utilized in a manner to benefit current students. Each form is submitted to the Student Union Advisory Board for review and approval.
  • Student Union Exception Request

    An Exception Request allows a temporary exception to standard operational policies within public spaces of the Student Union. It is required for any activity that may impact normal building operations; displays and banners; events that have safety/liability concerns; or could potentially cause damages and/or disruption, such as high noise level. These spaces include, but are not limited to, the Pit, Mezzanine, Patios, and first-floor corridor. The Exception Request will be approved in compliance with existing University Posting, Commercial Activities, and all other Union Board Policies. Events, signage, displays, table spaces, partitions, or equipment in public locations must first be scheduled through the Scheduling Center in the Student Union Operations office located in SURC Room 146. Governing policies and procedures are available at the Student Union Operations office.  

    To ensure your SURC Exceptions Request will be reviewed prior to your event all applications need to be submitted to the Student Union Board Chair at least 15 days prior to the event. 

    The Student Union Board Chair (ASCWU Director for Student Life & Facilities), in the advisement of the Student Union Board, retains the right to accept or deny all or part of the Exception Request. Approval or disapproval of the Exception Request does not reflect the Student Union Board’s assessment of the value of the activity.


    Form - SURC Exception Request
  • Student Union Sponsorship Form

    A Sponsorship allows Recognized Student Organizations and University entities to host events in the Student Union in conjunction with off-campus entities that share common goals and objectives. Sponsorship provides off-campus entities with discounted rates and campus-wide promotion of the event. Applications for sponsorship in which no clear relation between the entities collaborating benefits the current university student body may be denied.


    • To track sponsored events and maintain appropriate use of the facility.
    • To ensure all events in the Student Union & Recreation Center are in the best interest of the students.
    • To ensure that all parties involved are aware of costs, agreements, and liability associated with sponsoring an event. (CWUR 3-40-380 FACILITIES USE PROCEDURES)

    Guidelines & Procedures:

    The Student Union Advisory Board will consider requests for sponsorship from any Recognized Student Organization or University entity. Events must meet the following criteria and guidelines to be considered for sponsorship:

    • All details of the event must comply with Student Union Operations policies and procedures.
    • The sponsoring on-campus organization is the “owner” of the event and will be held responsible for all communication, planning, and billing for the event.
    • The sponsor will be invoiced for all charges associated with the event. Charges cannot be split between multiple entities. Accurate and current billing information must be on file one month before the event.
    • Final arrangements must be made one month prior to the date of an event or the event may be cancelled. This ensures that space and resources can be reallocated to other student organizations or University entities.
    • Advertising should not include the Student Union or University logos without prior approval from University Relations.
    • In order to serve alcohol at a sponsored event, the sponsoring organization must submit an Approval for Alcohol Request and receive the approval letter. State laws regarding alcohol service must be followed and appropriate licensing obtained. No tobacco, unapproved bar service, or illegal substances are permitted at any event. If any of these substances are present at the event, the sponsor may forfeit any discount from this agreement and may forfeit future sponsorship eligibility.
    • Sponsors must complete and submit this sponsorship form. The request must be received no later than 30 days prior to the event. This form must be approved by the Student Union Advisory Board or its designee.


    A sponsored event receives a 50% room rental discount. Equipment, cleaning/setup fees, tech time and building manager fees are charged at the University Group rate, regardless of the sponsoring organization's rate. For SURC room rental and equipment rental rates please contact the Student Union Operations & Scheduling office. 

    Form - SURC Sponsorship Request

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