Governmental Affairs

As you become involved in the governmental affairs of the ASCWU Student Government at Central Washington University, you find yourself at the heart of decision-making and advocacy. This department works tirelessly to represent the student voice in local, state, and federal government. Whether attending legislative sessions, lobbying for student rights, or organizing campaigns to promote civic engagement, your role in governmental affairs means you are actively shaping policy and influencing lawmakers. It's about connecting the student body with the political process, educating them on key issues, and empowering them to take action. Your efforts in governmental affairs can make a profound impact on not only the university but also the broader community, as you work to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of your fellow students are heard at every level of government.

ASCWU Director for Governmental Affairs

The Director of Governmental Affairs oversees statewide legislative issues pertaining to higher education and all issues affecting students. The Director and their staff are dedicated to serving the public as the liaison between the ASCWU Student Government and Olympia.


Michelle Carrillo (She/Her/Ella) is the Director of Governmental Affairs and is in her 3rd year, Law and Justice. You can contact her through or through her office in SURC 236.

Joseph G. Burke (He/They) is the Policy Director under Michelle and is 4th year for Public Policy and Political Science with a minor Physics. You are able to contact him through


Noel Trujillo-Garcia (He/him) is the Civic Engagement Coordinator for Michelle and is in his 3rd year studying Physical Education and School Health. His method of contact is through

PACS Committee

Thur 3pm SURC 236

Leguslative Agenda

Aditional Information

WSA is the offical state wide represention for 13 public four year and two year colleges. ASCWU works closely with WSA and other student governments on the leguslative adgenda to change higher education policy.

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Contact Information

Email or call us at 509-963-1696

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