Equity and Services Council

You are an integral part of the Equity & Services Council in the ASCWU Student Government, a body dedicated to ensuring fairness, inclusivity, and accessibility on the Central Washington University campus. Your role here isn't just administrative; it's about actively engaging with diverse communities, identifying gaps in services, and advocating for changes that promote equity. You help organize workshops, support cultural clubs, and liaise with university services to ensure that every student, regardless of their background, feels seen and heard. Your work contributes to a more inclusive campus environment, where individual differences are celebrated, and every student has an equal opportunity to succeed. In the Equity & Services Council, you're not just shaping policies; you're fostering a culture of acceptance, understanding, and mutual respect.

Join ESC Meetings!

Fridays at 1PM in Black Hall, Room 105

ESC Organizations meet weekly to discuss their upcoming events and initiatives. We also welcome special guests from campus and beyond who are looking to connect with our fabulous orgs! Contact the Director of Equity & Multicultural Affairs for the link to join via Zoom.

ESC Mission and Values

We, the Equity and Services Council: Represent students' diversity interests, needs, and welfare within the University; and supplement and complement formal education on the Central Washington University campus. We also maintain appreciation and understanding of diverse social and cultural heritage; promote and coordinate the celebration of diversity; educate the associated students on issues affecting student equity; and establish, promote and implement community service programs beneficial to the entire associated body.

Meet the ESC Executive Board

ESC Chair

Mariah Minjarez, she/her/hers

Headshot of ESC Chair Mariah Minjarez outside.

Executive Assistant

Andrea Gaeta, she/her/ella

Headshot of Executive Assistant Andrea Gaeta outdoors.

Programmer & Community Liaison

Judy Brewer, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

Programmer & Community Liaison Judy Brewer in her home.

Graduate Assistant

Maritsa Rodriguez, she/her/hers

Graduate Assistant Maritsa Rodriguez outdoors.

ESC Advisor

Justin Santoli, he/him/his

Headshot of ESC Advisor Justin Santoli.

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