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Accessibility and Disability Action Planning Team (ADAPT) reports to the President, through the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusivity. The team provides advocacy and advice to the university on matters related to accessibility (academic classes, programs, services, activities, facilities, etc.) and equal opportunity. ADAPT advises Disability Services and Human Resources on disability-related matters for the entire university community including student, faculty, staff and the general public.


  1. Create a continuous environmental scan of accessibility enterprise-wide by using self-examination tools;
  2. Educate faculty and staff regarding policies and processes for meeting the needs of students with disabilities in academic programs and services;
  3. Develop and recommend policies and procedures pertaining to accessibility throughout the university, including university centers, information and data accessibility, procurement and maintenance of accessible technology;
  4. Review impacts affecting accessibility, including physical spaces and issues pertaining to mobility access;
  5. Evaluate, assess needs and plans to ensure compliance with Washington State and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Reporting Discrimination at Central Washington University

Please refer to CWU's Compliance office for detailed information about reporting discrimination related to accessibility.

Disability discrimination can occur whenever a qualified individual with a disability is denied the same equal opportunities as other CWU students, faculty, and staff because of their disability status. The ADA Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the University’s compliance with the federal laws addressing disability discrimination and accommodation. Any complaints, questions, or concerns should be made directly to the ADA Coordinator, Thomas Pedersen.

University policy, as well as state and federal law, strictly prohibit retaliation against an individual for requesting a disability accommodation or for participating in a disability discrimination complaint process.

Use the Concern and Support (reporting) form to report disability discrimination and/or retaliation to the ADA Coordinator, and for more information an is available by the ADAPT Committee

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