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Poster Presenters

Before SOURCE...

  • Large-format poster printing is available on-campus at the Educational Technology Center in Black Hall.  Submit your printing request at least two weeks in advance in order to guarantee your poster is ready on the day of SOURCE.
  • Make certain to talk with your mentor about the poster design and ask them for past examples of their own poster presentations.
  • Click on the text for examples of posters from Social Sciences and Scientific.
  • Watch our How to Make a Poster on our YouTube Page
  • Posters cannot exceed 3 feet high by 4 feet wide.  Larger poster sizes may be considered by special request.
  • Tri-fold cardboard displays are NOT allowed.
On the day of SOURCE....
  • Check the SOURCE Program and Proceedings for your poster session.  Bring your poster to the Student Union and Recreation Center at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session.  Find your poster number in the Ballroom. Posters are hung with pushpins on display boards.  Pushpins are provided.
  • Authors are expected to stand by their poster during the entire poster session so that conference attendees can come and view the poster and interact with the author. You should be prepared with a three- to five-minute summary for visitors using your poster as a visual guide. Some visitors may ask additional questions.
  • Be professional and courteous!

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