Publicity Center
SURC 272
(509) 963-1677

Beginning the Publicity Process

  1. Review the publicity package options below, and submit a Publicity Request Form to begin the process with our team.
    1. It will be important to identify your project goals, ideal student audience(s) and visual direction during the submission process.
  2. We will review your request and follow up, either to request additional information or to set up a meeting with our creative team.
  3. A publicity timeline will be established, and the design/marketing process will begin. Designers will provide digital graphics first, so you may begin your digital promotions early. If you opt for the Media Buzz package, posters are distributed about 2 weeks prior to your event (on a space available basis across campus).
  4. Event promotion begins!

Publicity Packages

These are tried-and-true approaches to publicize your event. Don't see something that fits your needs? Talk to us about add-ons, a la carte options and additional marketing opportunities.


What's included?

Our Ideal Lead Time Price
(as of 9/15/2022)
Media Buzz
  • Creative services
  • Printed posters AND distribution on campus in residence halls/campus apts
  • Digital graphics to support web and social promotions
  • Sandwich boards
  • Media announcements and calendar support as available
  • Weekly Hype Event Listing (SURC)
  • Shoutouts from @CWUHype and misc. promotion
  • Ad design AND one week on Wildcat Access screens

6 - 8 weeks (allows for up
to 2 weeks on
posting boards)


Digital Buzz
  • Creative services
  • Digital graphics to support web and social promotions
  • Digital marketing, media announcements and calendar support as available
  • Shoutouts from @CWUHype
  • Weekly Hype Event Listing
  • Ad design AND one week on Wildcat Access screens
4 - 6 Weeks


Weekly Hype
Event Listing
  • Inclusion in Hype weekly roundup of campus events (SURC restroom/boards)
  • Shoutouts from @CWUHype)

** Recurring events require additional listings if promoting more than one date.

2-3 Weeks

$40 per week

$30 each additional week for recurring events or series!

Wildcat Access (Digital Screens)

Digital advertising on TV screens throughout SURC and other campus buildings

*One free ad design per month with quarterly agreement

Contact for program details and pricing

2-3 Weeks

$30 per week/
$30 design fee
(waived with media/digital packages listed above)

Off campus:
$50 per week/
$40 design fee*

Publicity Package Add-Ons and A La Carte Items

Add-Ons (using established graphics) priced according to quantity, size, production, etc. Examples: additional poster/flyer prints, large format prints (i.e., SURC blade sign), handbills, etc. Call us for estimates.

A la Carte (using new graphics, promotions, etc.), priced according to complexity, time, etc. Examples: publications, brochures, rack cards, swag, stickers, displays, t-shirts, video promos...or anything else you dream up! Email to request a meeting.