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From the President: Update on Vision and Mission Statement

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the Vision and Mission Steering Committee has been busy taking your feedback from the Open Forums and creating draft Vision and Mission statements, which we are now ready to share with the university community. Each member of the Steering Committee will bring the statements below to the various groups they represent for final discussion and feedback.

We do have some choices to make regarding the final wording of the Vision and Mission statements. Possibilities are highlighted in bold italics in the statements below.

Vision: Central Washington University will build a learning community of equity and belonging.

Vision: Central Washington University will be a model learning community of equity and belonging.

Mission: As a model for equity and belonging, Central Washington University nurtures culturally sustaining practices [OR] curriculum, pedagogy, practices, and systems that expand access and success to all learners [OR] students. We are committed to fostering high impact practices, sustainability, and authentic community partnerships that are grounded in meaningful relationships.

The Steering Committee will convene on Wednesday, May 11, to share the feedback we receive and develop the final Vision and Mission statements for a conversation with the Board of Trustees on May 20. If you have thoughts or feedback on the choices highlighted above, please be in touch with your shared governance groups and the individuals on the Steering Committee.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Jim Wohlpart
CWU President