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Upcoming CWU Parade of Nations to Celebrate Cultural Diversity

The CWU Diversity and Equity Center (DEC) will be showcasing dance, music, and apparel from all over the world on Thursday, January 23, at the 15th annual Parade of Nations. 

The vibrant, high-spirited event will take place from 6-8 p.m. in the Student Union and Recreation Center Ballroom, providing students, staff, and community members with an opportunity to celebrate a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Admission is free.

“This event is a great way for CWU students to show pride in their cultural identities,” said Katrina Whitney, the staff lead for the Parade of Nations. “They get to showcase who they are through expressions of traditional music, dance, art, and poetry. It gives them something to be proud of, both culturally and personally.”

CWU student Destiny Viaolo is the program coordinator, and she is being assisted by Roziie Cardenas and Kim Nguyen. DEC graduate assistant Eriqua Collins will host the event, which is a partnership with the CWU Office of International Studies and Programs.

“This is a student-led event, and it has evolved over the years because of student initiative,” Whitney said.

Attendees will be treated to displays of traditional fashion, dancing, musical performances, and trivia from around the globe. Some of the nations that will be represented include Greece, Turkey, Japan, China, India, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Greece. 

Traditional dancing from Oceania (Hawaii, Fiji, and Samoa) also will be presented by the CWU student group Poly Central, along with dances from Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Central America. Musical performances by the CWU Black Student Union, Kir Kostaki Ela Konda, and choruses from Argentina and Japan are also planned. 

Whitney added that the popular Ellensburg dance group Bollywood will once again participate in the Parade of Nations.

“This will be a fun night of pride and celebration of our identities as people,” she said. “Seven regions around the world will be represented, and we hope to offer something for everyone.”

If you have questions about the event, call the DEC at 963-2127 or stop by Black Hall, room 101. 


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