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State of the University Highlights

Dear CWU Faculty and Staff:

Thank you to all who attended or viewed the State of the University presentation. During my address, I spoke of the many excellent things we have been able to achieve in the past year as well as our need to keep striving to improve and to reach for greatness. I also reiterated our commitment to being welcoming and making our students feel they truly belong at this institution.

As guideposts for the steps toward greatness, I established three university-wide goals that will help us build upon our past successes and adapt to meet the challenges ahead. I’m following up by restating those goals and then discussing ways we can move forward to see them to completion.

Goal #1 is to increase the first-year to second-year student retention rate from 71 percent to 80 percent over the next five years. To do this we must find new ways to create and sustain an environment where our students feel welcome and are supported by the institution, and want to return to complete their degree programs and graduate.

Goal #2 is to increase the diversity of our faculty and staff by 5 percent in five years. At Central, we want our faculty, students, prospective students, and staff to feel welcome and that they belong here. Achieving this will require us make our university as accepting and inviting as we can in order to expand our pool of qualified candidates for open positions.

Goal #3 is to reduce the campus carbon footprint by 5 percent within the next five years and to support efforts that ensure the sustainability of our university. Each of us must embrace a more sustainable lifestyle for the health of our planet and the health and future of our students. We must look for creative ways to sustain our enrollment in the face of increased competition.

As you move forward with your own goal-setting, I encourage you to review the recent memo regarding e-performance procedures distributed by Staci Sleigh-Layman (

If you have questions, please reach out to the Human Resources Team (, 509-963-1202). Part of this process also involves regular checkpoints throughout the year, during which we can measure our progress.

If you look at our successes in recent years, such as increases in first-year enrollment, completion of re-accreditation, and new, state-of-the-art academic facilities, it is clear that we are on the right track. My personal goal is to challenge complacency and keep striving to make Central the envy of higher education throughout the region and the country. With your continued help and support, I know we can make that happen.



James L. Gaudino


Central Washington University