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National Blogger, Journalist Recognizes CWU Journalism Program

CWU journalism professor Cynthia Mitchell's revamped COM 308 class recently got the attention of well-known journalist and media blogger Jim Romenesko, who published a story on his blog this week:

Central Washington University public affairs reporting class is all about pot legalization

How do you get college students interested in public affairs reporting? Central Washington University (CWU) journalism professor Cynthia Mitchell did it by making her COM 308 course all about marijuana legalization.

“It really has seemed to capture the students’ attention,” she says. “I’m getting far better stories than I normally do, and they seem far more engaged. So it’s going great, and we plan to continue” after this quarter, which ends next Thursday.

Students cover city and county government, business and economic development, public safety and other beats – all with a focus on recreational pot.

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May 29, 2014