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Namaste, I Kid You Not: CWU Recreation Features Goat Yoga

Can you still do a downward dog if a goat is involved? Central Washington University Recreation and Campus Activities offers caprine vinyasa or goat yoga for relaxing, fun-filled sessions designed to relieve beginning-of-the-school-year stress.

“We thought it would be a super way to start out the new school year,” said Claire Cox, marketing and health programming coordinator, CWU Recreation and Campus Activities. “Even if you aren’t taking the class, you can stop by, and watch and photograph the little critters.”

The goats are from The Wobbly Ranch, a goat sanctuary. The goat yoga sessions help finance care and feeding of the animals. The goats love showing off their moves, too!

Classes will take place at 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., on September 25, on the CWU Recreation Lawn, located right outside of Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals. Each class will be approximately 35 minutes, with 15-20 minutes for pictures and spending time with the goats. The event is currently sold out.

Since baby goats are adorably distracting, doing yoga with them is an exercise in concentration. Many practitioners say that it’s hard to take themselves seriously with goats scampering around the yoga mats, and even jumping on their backs as they try to maintain a pose.

These classes are complimentary to CWU students, staff, and faculty, with a valid CWU Recreation Membership.

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NB: All centers and farms that organize caprine vinyasa classes are deeply focused on caring for the baby goats and their mothers. There is nothing inhumane about the practice, and the goats are looked after in a safe and nourishing environment.

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Photo courtesy of the Wobbly Ranch.