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CWU's Schlanger Presents Mapping Plutonium at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Gregg Schlanger, CWU art professor and chair, created Mapping Plutonium [Hanford to Rocky Flats], an exhibit that focuses on issues relating to the United States' development of nuclear weapons. It is about the secrecy, the environmental disasters, the toll of human health, the deceptions of the corporations and government, the nuclear waste and the denial. This exhibition contains art and artifacts. It is part fact and fiction. The show runs through October 9, 2015.

Schlanger works primarily in installations and community public art. He is interested in exploring through his projects the potential of creating a better “sense of place” (leading to a respect for that place and the environment). He believes this can happen through community involvement and the educational aspects that occur dealing with the various concepts of his work. More information about Schlanger and his work can be found at his website.

See more at the Philip Steele Gallery. Photos of the installation can be found at Schlanger's Facebook page.