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CWU's "Hawkman" David Douglas brings Seahawks spirit to Ellensburg

Meet David, or as he likes to be known, Hawkman . . . 

David Douglas says he and his family have always been huge Seahawks fans, but the persona began when he started volunteering at Seahawks games.

"So, I wanted to gear up," he says. "I love doing that kind of stuff. That's where it started!"

The rest is history. Hawkman is well known around the Ellensburg area. He even has his own Hawkman jersey and now leads rallies in town and on the Central Washington University campus.

"I'm very involved in the community in many different ways," Douglas explains. "This is just one way, and it's why I do this...because it brings the community together."

Hawkman isn't alone in his super-fandom. His mom, Gail, also drives her very own Seahawks Chevy, and creates and sells hand-crafted Seahawks items, including tissue holders, coasters, and blankets.

When Hawkman is off duty, he is working his day job as an ITAM lecturer and advisor at Central Washington [University], and he's sure to bring his high-spirited energy to work with him.

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