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CWU Names Brandy Wiegers as New Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research

Central Washington University Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Lynn Franken has named Brandy Wiegers, associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, to serve as the new Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).

Wiegers, who has taught applied mathematics at Central since 2014, will assume the position in September.

“Dr. Wiegers brings a wealth of experience and passion for undergraduate research and creative activities to the position,” Franken said. “She can draw upon her own experience as an undergraduate research at the University of Idaho to mentor our undergraduate students.”

The provost also thanked Griff Tester, the previous OUR director, who is stepping down after three years. Tester plans to engage in a research opportunity examining knowledge of and access to new HIV-prevention strategies among at-risk populations in the Yakima Valley.

Franken said that during his tenure, Tester had strengthened the existing partnerships across the campus that are necessary to organize the Symposium Of Undergraduate Research & Creative Expression (SOURCE) and broadened participation on the activities of the OUR and SOURCE across the four colleges, the eight Centers and instructional sites, and local K-12 schools in our community.

While at CWU, Wiegers has received numerous grants and awards, including the prestigious Mathematical Association of America Tensor Grant. Brandy has also coordinated countless professional development workshops and community service activities, including local, regional and national involvement in Math Circles, out-of-school programs to foster the learning and application of mathematics for children.

Wiegers also was elected last year to serve on the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Division of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.

“Our faculty are experts on discipline-specific worthwhile research projects,” Wiegers said. “I can support their work with these students by helping to think through creative pedagogical means to help the undergrads gain research problem solving skills.”

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