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CWU College of Arts & Humanities Alumni Return to Central, Panel Discussion

Central Washington University welcomes home eight College of Arts and Humanities Logodistinguished College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) alumni for the annual CAH Alumni Day and panel discussion Tuesday, April 11 at 3:30 p.m. in the Wellington Event Center.

Returning alumni will engage in events throughout the day that bring lifelong Wildcats and current CAH students together. Alumni Day will conclude with a panel discussion highlighting the eight returning alumni who will talk about their academic background, career paths, and achievements.

Alumni Day honors accomplished alumni as well as creates mentorships between alumni and current students in the same field of study.

For David Weidenaar, a CWU music student, the mentor program provided him with a valuable connection he keeps to this day.

“Michael (my mentor) and I have been in continued contact since (last year’s Alumni Day), whether it be through meeting in person or through digital means such as Facebook, email, and phone, and our mentor/mentee relationship has been just wonderful,” Weidenaar said.

This year, CAH will bring back: Nuno Fernandes, a licensed mental health counselor; Amy Danneker, a professional actress from Seattle; Lori Bohn, a systems planner for Boeing; Tristan Gorringe, an audience marketing manager and events lead for Microsoft; Alan Page, a principal software engineering manager for Microsoft; Molly Morrow, a professional rodeo photographer; Trevor Penland, a music textbooks marketing manager for W.W. Norton; and Donny Anderson, an instructor for the English language acquisition and Integrated Basic Education Skills Training programs at Columbia Basin College.

They will speak about what sparked their interest in their career fields and how their experiences as a student in the College of Arts and Humanities became the key to their success.

Admission to the panel discussion is free and open to the public.

To learn more about this event, contact Molly Allen in the College of Arts & Humanities, at 509-963-1853 or

Media contact: Dawn Alford, public affairs coordinator, 509-963-1484,

--April 7, 2017