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CWU Begins Offering Virtual Medical Services to Students

Students at Central Washington University will have access to 24-hour per day telephone and video consultations with healthcare providers, therapists, and counselors. The new services are being offered through a 10-week pilot program with TimelyMD.

The telehealth option, open to all CWU full-time undergraduate and graduate students, including university centers and sites, will expand and supplement services currently available at CWU’s Student Medical & Counseling Clinic, which remain open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“In light of stay-in-place requirements and other safety practices during the current COVID-19 outbreak, our students can have online access to critical medical and counseling services around the clock,” said Gregg Heinselman, Dean of Student Success.

CWU was already considering some type of online medical service prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and was able to move forward with the idea because the cost for the pilot program was affordable.

“We have reached our physical capacity within both clinics in Ellensburg. This program allows us to expand our services to all of those students. My hope is that this is not only going to be beneficial during the COVID-19 outbreak but it is something we’ll be able to continue,” said Shawnté Elbert, CWU’s associate dean of health and wellness.

According to Elbert, students concerned about the COVID-19 virus will be able to use the service to reach a care provider who can virtually assess symptoms and administer frontline care in a contained environment, which will limit the spread of the illness. They will also give recommendations on need for testing versus self-quarantine, and where to go if testing or further care is needed.

Students can access the new service using a free smartphone app (called TimelyMD) or via an online portal called Campus.Health, which offers students unlimited access to medical and mental health care anytime they need it. Using the portal will put students in contact with licensed physicians and counselors.

“This program allows any enrolled, fulltime CWU student to have access to essential medical and mental health services, which are free to the students,” Elbert added.

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