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CWU and ACUI Celebrate More Than 50 Years Together

CWU and ACUI official logosThe Association of College Unions International (ACUI) is the largest organization in the United States representing student unions and student activity centers. In addition, ACUI is one of higher education’s oldest associations, which now incorporates more than 500 institutions in 10 countries.

Recently, CWU was honored for being affiliated with the association since 1954 during the 98th ACUI annual conference held in Anaheim, California.

“Being a member of ACUI over the last 64 years has enabled us to observe the transformation and evolution of what the student union represents today,” said Cherie Wilson, CWU Student Union director. “ACUI continues to inspire us to develop the latest trendsetting ideas and programs here. I’ve been a member of ACUI for 20 years and I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve cultivated during that time.”

Jeff Rosenberry, executive director of Student Involvement, acknowledged that the long-term ACUI relationship helps CWU’s Student Union remain a “place of great opportunity and a showcase” for the university overall, while allowing for additional skill building, networking, and career development for staff and student employees alike.

Campus Activities special events programmer Alexis Everett says such opportunities are extremely valuable to the work that gets done.

“As student programmers, the responsibility of providing safe, fun, and inclusive events falls on our shoulders,” she added. “Even though student programmers change every year, this allows for continuity and consistent success of Student Union events here to carry on.”

Former CWU Publicity Center students also received ACUI awards for the Winter 2017 College of Arts and Humanities Event Calendar, designed by Tom Hoenig; and Spring 2017 Hype, designed by Alyx Miller and written by Julia Moreno, McKenzie Lakey, and MiracleJoy Curtis.

In addition, university staff led ACUI conference presentations on “Building a Culture of Belonging” and “It’s All About the Hype: Street Team and Social Media Marketing.”

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