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CWU Advisor Urges Employers to Give Young Applicants a Chance

In a Seattle Times guest editorial, Corwin King, a retired professor of communication and longtime student advisor at CWU, says employers would do well to remember their own first jobs and extend a helping hand.

An old family friend liked to tell how he got started in the creamery business. He was looking for a job and saw an ad in the paper for an ice-cream maker. He went down to the local creamery where the manager asked him if he knew how to make ice cream. He said yes, so the manager told him to come back Monday for a tryout.

Actually, he didn’t know how to make ice cream. But over the weekend, he went to the library and checked out some books. By Monday, he’d learned enough to get by. From there, he rose through the ranks until he himself was managing the creamery, ­ from which he retired many years later, successful and well-off.

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