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COVID-19 Update: Message from President Gaudino

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Dear CWU Community,

Three primary values continue to guide my decision-making as we face the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. They are the safety of our community, the delivery of excellent experiences to our students, and the health of the institution. All three converge when addressing the financial and professional security of our employees.

You are Central’s most valuable resource. That simple statement underlies my decision to avoid lay-offs or reductions in working hours through June 30, 2020. That decision also presented you with a new environment in which to balance responsibilities for health, family, and work. The difficulty of that task is why I write to make you aware of two recently announced federal programs that you might find attractive.

The programs might help ease the burdens some of you are carrying. They are entirely voluntary and in no way undermine the commitment I made earlier. Our Human Resources staff has been working diligently to develop a system of briefings and counseling opportunities to help you decide if one or a combination of the federal program is right for you.

HR staff will segment the online briefings organized by employee categories. The HR staff is also briefing your supervisors and has developed a webpage to help you make decisions. 

I wish I could arm you with a focused idea of the future to help you evaluate your options. While I lack the information needed to give you a picture of the future beyond this quarter, there should be little doubt that the impact of the pandemic on our state’s economy is likely to be significant. The state’s Office of Financial Management has already directed us to model budget reductions of 5%, 10%, and 15%.

The three values that have guided my decision-making to date will remain, even if the economic situation worsens. That is why I encourage you to attend one of the HR briefings, visit the web postings, and discuss your situation with your supervisor.

Thank you for your outstanding response to this crisis. Your adaptations have been inspiring. Please take care and remain safe.


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James L. Gaudino