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Community Kids get Hands-On with Science at CWU

Virtually all the fourth-graders’ hands shot up at once.

The question: Who wants to hold a snake?

Before the college students return for the fall term, Central Washington University’s science departments open up for public lectures and presentations for local school children and residents in a series called Science is Central.

During the day at Science is Central, school children participate in hands-on science activities as part of a field trip.

In a session Wednesday morning focused on reptiles, even some of the most reptile-averse Lincoln Elementary School fourth-graders took a turn holding lizards or touching rattlesnakes.

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PHOTO: Corban Avey, 8, rides down a polished corridor in CWU's Lind Hall on a cushion of air provided by a homemade hovercraft, Wednesday, Sept. 10, during Science is Central. (Brian Myrick / Daily Record)