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College Dining Chef to Watch: Jack Mazzacavallo, Chef at Central Washington University

Jack Mazzacavallo, CWU sous chef

Jack Mazzacavallo, campus sous chef, Central Washington University, talks about moving from commercial dining to college dining, Thai barbecue, menu development and whether or not it’s necessary to go to culinary school. 

The college and university dining world is often ahead of the trends—think plant-based food and global flavor—and at Central Washington University, the game is getting raised daily. Jack Mazzacavallo, campus sous chef, places value in considering his audience when planning menus, trying new ideas from the commercial restaurant world and not putting a huge emphasis on the bumps along the road.

Mazzacavallo’s favorite advice from another chef is the simple, but effective sentence: “It’s just dinner.” Keeping that in mind while staying organized and maintaining a visible presence in the kitchen has been the way to go for helping this chef create new dining experiences for students at this Pacific Northwest school. There’s always more to learn and Mazzacavallo intends to keep himself and his team learning as much as possible. Find out his philosophy on being a chef, predictions for food trends in the new year and more.

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