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City Busy Clearing Snow, Help Road Crews (2-24-19 2:05 p.m.)

Ellensburg city crews with snow plow equipment began clearing snow from main arterial City of Ellensburg logoroads this morning (Sunday, February 24, 2019). This afternoon, crews will start clearing snow from residential areas of town. At midnight, crews will concentrate their efforts in school areas and downtown.

How you can help winter road crews
· Park vehicles in driveways or parking areas off the main streets
· If you don’t have a regular off-street parking area, consider moving your car when there are 4 inches of snow, and snow continues to fall.
· Maintain snow removal of your sidewalks, and driveways or a fine not to exceed $25/day plus statutory assessments may be imposed.
· People who push snow from a parking lot onto public rights-of-way may be fined $250 plus the cost of snow removal

The City of Ellensburg provides winter care for our roads. The city is divided into six plowing sections, and there are three priority levels that guide crew’s work. First priority goes to primary arterials and streets which buses use to reach public schools. Second priority is secondary arterials and the downtown core area. All remaining streets are third priority. Under normal snowfall conditions, all roads within the city are plowed using the aforementioned priority basis.