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Celebrating Memorial Day

Dear Campus Community,

As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, I have a deep appreciation for the significance of Memorial Day. It is more than just a day off from work and the traditional first day of summer. CWU logo

Memorial Day is the time we set aside to honor and remember U.S. military members who have been lost in defense of our country.

Those losses have been brothers, husbands, mothers, sisters, and friends. They also include an innumerable number of Central Washington University alumni and others who have served among our faculty and staff. Each fallen service member left behind loved ones who have mourned them and continue to keep their memories alive today. 

To the family and friends of those whose service we observe, please know that we are humbled by their sacrifices, and by the internal courage and strength you no doubt had to summon because of their service. Thank you.

This is what Memorial Day is about: keeping alive the legacies of those who were lost, including those who we are proud to list as having been members of our university community. 

Today is our opportunity to reconnect with those individuals and the people they left behind. It also allows us to acknowledge their sacrifices and recognize how our way of life has been preserved and furthered by those who have stepped forward—especially by those who did not return home.

I ask and encourage you to take time right now to pause and reflect upon the sacrifices made by the selfless men and women who have been lost, and the ongoing heartache of their families and friends. And then take a moment to give thanks for their sacrifices that have helped safeguard our great nation. 

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James L. Gaudino
CWU President