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Board of Trustees Meeting: Message from President Gaudino

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Dear CWU Community,

The CWU Board of Trustees met today in a special meeting to continue discussions regarding the university’s financial situation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. They appreciated seeing reports of stable enrollments for the winter and spring quarters and learning that our cost-cutting measures are helping balance the operational budgets.

As a result, they agreed with me that our Fiscal Year 2019-2020 outlook does not necessitate a reduction in our workforce this quarter.

They also agree that the situation we face is dynamic. We will continue to confront uncertainties, such as future “Stay-at-Home” orders, the timing of federal financial support, and the pandemic’s impact on our state’s economy.

Throughout this constantly evolving situation, the board and university administration have been in contact with state and local officials to ensure that any decisions made are based on current and accurate information. As we plan for the summer and fall sessions, I will continue to watch and report on critical issues.

The board’s actions confirm what I have said to you each year: our employees are our most valuable asset. It also underscores the need for all of you to stay healthy and to continue to work together to navigate the severe conditions we face now.

Today, our Board of Trustees joined me in celebrating your efforts and creativity during these unprecedented times. I am confident we will get through this if we do as Governor Inslee suggests: We must stand together, just six feet or more apart. #CWUtogether!

Take care and be safe,

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James L. Gaudino