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Attestation Forms, Daily Health Checks Available Soon

Over the next two weeks, all CWU employees and students will be required to complete a one-time attestation form and begin submitting daily health checks on days they plan to visit campus.

CWU is requiring all employees and students to adopt a new set of behaviors this fall to control the spread of COVID-19. The goal of these documents is to create a culture of compliance so we can ensure the safety of everyone on campus and in the communities we serve. 

The attestation form will be available in MyCWU on September 3 and must be completed by September 18. This risk mitigation compliance form is necessary to ensure students and employees understand the health risks of COVID-19 as well as their roles and responsibilities in lessening or eliminating those risks for others.

When students and employees log into MyCWU on or after September 3, they will be required to complete the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Compliance form to gain access to the system. Once the form is completed, users will not be prompted again until Winter Quarter 2021.

The Daily Self-health Check forms will be available September 8 and must be completed prior to visiting any CWU campus. The health checks are being introduced so the CWU community will get in the habit of monitoring their own symptoms. The forms also will be used to help individuals self-determine whether or not they should (or should not) come to campus that day.

Information from employees’ health checks will be confidential and will not be saved. Supervisors will only be able to see whether or not an employee has completed the health check, but they will not be able to see any information about COVID-19, symptoms, or if the health check advised the individual against coming to campus that day.

Student information from the health checks will be saved and is protected under FERPA. 

Neither the attestation nor the health check forms are legal documents or waivers. They will be used to remind employees about the behaviors we all need to follow so CWU can be as safe as possible this fall and beyond.

For additional information about the attestation form or the daily health checks, please visit the COVID FAQs on the university’s COVID-19 webpage.