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CWU Student Overcomes Adversity and Graduates with Her Bachelors

Michelle Reyes, walks across the stage to accept her diploma

Michelle Reyes, walks across the stage to accept her diploma

Facing adversity since she was young never stopped her from pursuing her college degree.

Michelle Reyes isn't your typical college student, ever since she was young, education and she didn't always see eye to eye.

Reyes along with her younger brother and older sister was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs trying to make ends meet after their father died.

Growing up she moved around a lot causing Reyes to go to seven different elementary schools, three different middle schools, and three different high schools.

"You have the mentality like, I'm not going to be here that long I just got to try my best," said Michelle Reyes, an Undergraduate at Central Washington University.

While growing up her mother always taught her kids to strive for what they wanted in life.

"When my father passed away she always told my sister and my brother that just because we have a hardship or just because we don't have a father, that it's our excuse to use in our lifetime," said Reyes.

Children who move three or more times for negative reasons before they turn 18-years-old are 36% less likely to enroll in college, and 68% less likely to complete a 4-year college degree, according to an Urban Institute.

Reyes still faced the odds.

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Originally published by Sophia Lesseos at NBC Right Now- KNDU/KNDO on June 13, 2022.