Campus Notices

Sep 22 2022

SmartHealth Login Change

Beginning October 1, a new login process will be implemented for SmartHealth, the portal where the Wellness Incentive is earned.

Login will require you to access the program through Secure Access Washington (SAW), the state’s secure single sign-on portal. This is a security enhancement required by the State Office of Cybersecurity.

Preparing for this update by creating a SAW account:
(If you already have a SAW account, you may use your existing SAW username and password.)

  • Go to SAW and select the 'Sign Up' button.
  • Follow the indicated steps.
  • Open your email and click the link to activate your account. Follow the instructions on the screen at the SAW login portal to finish creating your account.

Stay tuned for additional instructions once the new login requirement is in effect.

Direct questions to

Remember, eligible PEBB subscribers can qualify for a wellness incentive each year, which is a $125 reduction to your 2023 medical deductible OR a $125 deposit to your HSA if enrolled in the CDHP. For 2023, you must qualify by November 30, 2022.