Campus Notices

Jul 27 2022

Let your voice be heard! Join the Employee Engagement Sensemaking Task Force

What is the Employee Engagement Sensemaking Task Force?

Recently, two surveys have been conducted that deserve our attention: the Washington State Employee Engagement Survey conducted in 2021 and the CWU Recognition Survey, distributed in February 2022 by the Employee Council and Exempt Employee Association.


We’re establishing a task force to help make sense of the results of these two surveys.


What is Sensemaking?

A process that allows people to understand ambiguous, equivocal, or confusing information.


The purpose ot the Task Force will be to:

  • Analyze feedback and uncover trends, beginning with results from the 2022 Washington State Employee Engagement Survey and the 2022 recognition survey.
  • Communicate key takeaways and recommend action steps to ELT, Appointing Authorities, and/or Human Resources leadership as appropriate.
  • Communicate survey results, discoveries, and actions taken to participants and CWU community as appropriate.
  • Analyze current and potential methods of attaining employee feedback (engagement and recognition surveys, exit surveys, stay interviews, focus groups).
  • Eliminate redundancies and simplify employee experience.
  • Ensure methods are connected, build upon each other, and provide results that are actionable and relevant to Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

Please submit your application via a quick Qualtrics survey.


You’ll be asked to explain your interest in being involved and the skills, connections, resources, and expertise you can share with the task force.


Thank you for your interest. If you have questions, contact Staci Sleigh-Layman, Executive Director, HR,