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From the President: Vision and Mission Open Forums

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, over the last several months we have been working to develop a new vision and mission for Central Washington University. Our new vision is intended to be focused, to unify us as a community, and to inspire us to dream; our mission is intended to inspire us to action.

And the Steering Committee is now ready for your feedback. We will hold open forums that will be designed to elevate shared governance and to practice democratic engagement. We will ask participants to sit with individuals they may not know and to work across departments and divisions. We will especially ask that each group of participants listen deeply to each other and work diligently to elevate all the voices in your group, and move your conversation towards consensus.

Please sign up for one session through the links included below; note that one link is provided for the three sessions in the SURC Ballroom, though you will select only one of these three sessions to attend (once you get into the link). We will also have a session for Center faculty and staff, and one virtual session that will be interactive (cameras on!).

Sessions on the Ellensburg campus in the SURC Ballroom can be signed up for here. Ellensburg community members are also invited to the in-person sessions.

  • Thursday, March 3 (6:00-7:30 pm)
  • Tuesday, March 8 (1:00-2:30 pm) 
  • Friday, March 11 (9:00-10:30 am) 

The interactive virtual event can be signed up for here.

  • Friday, March 11 (2:00-3:30 pm) – Virtual event, with breakout rooms

The event for Center faculty and staff on the Des Moines campus can be signed up for here.

  • Thursday, March 3 (1:00-2:30 pm) – CWU-Des Moines, Bldg 29, Room 207
  • Audience includes: University Center faculty, staff and students only

At these forums, we will have a few draft vision and mission statements for review. Faculty, staff, and students will gather at tables of 8, have conversations about what they like and what they do not like, and why, and then provide feedback directly on the draft statements. Your input during these sessions will provide the Steering Committee feedback to produce a single, final draft statement.

While we have fallen behind our timeline, we hope to have a final vision and mission statement to the Board of Trustees for their approval at the May BOT meeting. During these forums, we will also ask for ideas regarding the primary goal areas for the strategic plan, which we will work on in the coming term. The final strategic plan should be approved by the BOT next fall.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Jim Wohlpart

On behalf of the Steering Committee:

  • Elvin Delgado, Former Faculty Senate Chair
  • Jonathon Henderson, Exempt Employee
  • Missy Davis, Classified Employee
  • Madeline Koval, ASCWU
  • Jessica Murillo-Rosales, Alumni representing Graduate Students
  • Jeff Stinson, Provost’s council
  • Jennifer Dechaine, Academic Department Chair Council
  • John Vasquez, Student Success
  • Lauren Hibbs, University Centers
  • Laura Dahlby Nicolai, Athletics
  • Sigrid Davison, Equity
  • Wendy Iwaszuk, Foundation Board/Alumni/Community member