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Parking Lot Re-Striping Will Temporarily Close Ellensburg Campus Lots in July

Map of CWU parking lots

Most parking lots on the CWU-Ellensburg campus will be restripesd during the month of July.

The CWU Facilities Management Department (FMD) will be re-striping most of the parking lot stalls on the Ellensburg campus during the month of July.

Beginning Tuesday, July 5, FMD crews will begin striping the G-16 and I-19 lots, and those locations will be unavailable from 1 a.m. through the end of Wednesday, July 6. The project will continue through July 28.

Employees, students, and visitors will need to find alternative parking options for the following days. Each lot will be closed at 1 a.m. on the first date, and striping will occur on the second date. Please refer to the map for parking lot locations.

  • July 5-6: G-16; I-19
  • July 6-7: Q-17; R-19; V-18
  • July 7-8: S-10
  • July 10-11: P-8; W-12
  • July 11-12: T-8; U-8
  • July 12-13: O-5
  • July 13-14: V-22; S-20; N-20
  • July 17-18: D-5; H-6
  • July 18-19: N-19
  • July 19-20: U-22; T-22
  • July 20-21: B-5; E-13; E-14
  • July 24-25: H-15; F-15
  • July 25-26: L-8; C-6; B-8
  • July 26-27: I-15; G-15
  • July 27-28: K-18

If you have questions about the campus parking lot striping project, please call 509-963-3000 or email