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Message from the Trustees: Presidential Goals 2021-2024

Dear Friends, 

On October 22, 2021, the Board of Trustees had the pleasure of meeting with President Wohlpart to discuss his goals for the university for 2021-2024. Section IV of his contract requires the board annually to evaluate the performance of the President. 

Over the past several months, President Wohlpart has developed his goals through conversations with trustees, university employees and students, and alumni. These goals were finalized at the October 22 board meeting, and, on behalf of the board, I am pleased to share them with you now. 

Goal I. Governance:  Working with the university community, the president will shape and elevate data-informed, collaborative and inclusive, and transparent shared governance across the university. Additionally, the university community will work together to develop a new vision, mission, and strategic plan. Finally, working through the leadership of the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, the university will create a sustainable budget model that diversifies and expands the resource base.

As you know, the work of elevating shared governance and creating a new vision, mission, and strategic plan has already begun with the formation of a steering committee comprised of members from all employee groups and the student body, and the collection of university community feedback via a survey. Information about this process is updated regularly at on the President's web page

Work also is underway on a new budget model that will be guided by the priorities we articulate in our strategic plan and support those things we value most: teaching and learning and student success. We know we have the resources required to meet our needs if only we remember to focus resources on what we say we value.

Goal II. Student Engagement and Success: Working through the Office of the Provost and with the deans, the university will expand and develop intentional and strategic high-impact practices, especially applied learning experiences, service learning and community engagement, and intercultural literacy. Through Enrollment Management and Public Affairs, the university will create a seamless and integrated plan for the recruitment, retention, graduation and success of all students. Finally, through the leadership of the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity and many others, the university will foster a culture of inclusion and belonging as a foundation for diversifying the students and employees.

Over the summer, university leadership have investigated and begun to implement approaches to recruiting and retaining students that will support a return to more customary enrollment levels. The introduction of the Equity Scorecard initiative will help us be more intentional about our work to create a climate that is inclusive and that supports the success of every student. 

Goal III. External Relations: A critical third goal will be to build a culture of philanthropy within the university community (students and employees) and without (friends and alumni), and launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign.  We will also develop a clear brand for Central Washington University and a communication and marketing strategy to advance our brand awareness.

This work, too, is already underway. With the hiring of Paul Elstone, our new vice president of University Advancement, the university has the experienced team leader needed to build and execute CWU’s very first, comprehensive fundraising campaign. This work, as well as student recruitment, will benefit from a new commitment to sharing more broadly and intentionally the marvelous experience that awaits them at CWU. Investing in our brand will include the construction of a new website.

We are excited about the intentional and inclusive way that President Wohlpart is setting a new path for CWU. We are a tremendous university now and can be so much more. Thank you for your work to promote the success of our students and the future of this great institution. 


Robert Nellams, Chair
CWU Board of Trustees