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Donations Sought for Robb Elementary School Children

Students stand holding children's books that will be donated to children from Robb Elementary School

Students from CWU's Culturally Responsive Teaching course display uplifting messages they wrote in children's books. The books will be donated to the children from Robb Elementary School.

A tragedy unfolded last week in Uvalde, Texas, and the shock and grief have been felt by people across the country. In situations like this, we often feel helpless, trying to figure out what we can do for those directly impacted to help them through difficult times.

Susana Flores, a CWU lecturer in Curriculum, Supervision, and Educational Leadership, has organized a donation effort to provide books, stuffed animals, and other comfort items to the students and families of Robb Elementary School.

“In the face of horrific acts, it is easy to become paralyzed and powerless,” Flores said. “These small acts of kindness and action remind us that we can all have agency; we can all do something.”

Children's books with thoughtful inspiring messages written inside the covers

Moved to action by last week’s events, teacher candidates in Flores’ Culturally Responsive Teaching course have picked out light-hearted children’s books intended to provide comfort and written messages of affirmation and encouragement inside the covers. These books, along with additional donations, will be sent to Robb Elementary students.


Flores encourages the CWU community to contribute by delivering similar donations to a box located in Black Hall 214-7 through June 10.

If you prefer to donate directly, please send your items to:

Robb Elementary School
715 Old Carrizo Rd
Uvalde, TX 78801