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Delgado Chosen as CWU Associate Dean for the College of the Sciences

Elvin Delgado, College of the Sciences Associate Dean

Elvin Delgado, College of the Sciences Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Research, and Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Central Washington University Professor of Geography Elvin Delgado has been named as the new College of the Sciences Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Research, and Interdisciplinary Initiatives. Delgado will be taking over for Professor of Science Education Martha Kurtz.

“This will be to fill the position of someone who cannot be replaced, the amazing Martha Kurtz,” Delgado said. “She retired recently, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with her and witness all of the amazing things she did.”

Delgado plans to leverage his significant experience with interdisciplinary study and international programs to build collaboration and inclusion across the CWU campus and beyond.

“I want to develop a research grant incentivizing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration, not just among different disciplines, but also among different theoretical perspectives and approaches, in a way that also incentivizes the inclusion of minoritized groups,” Delgado said. “There’s a tendency in academia to be siloed, and I want to make sure we all come together.”

In addition, Delgado hopes to develop an inclusive mentorship program for tenure-track faculty, with a focus on BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and people of color] faculty members, to overcome the difficulties minoritized groups often face in academia. Dean of the College of the Sciences Tim Englund says Delgado’s unique perspectives will help push the college in new, exciting directions.

“I think we’re going to see more of an international flair in our programs, for sure,” Englund said. “[Delgado] also brings strong connections with the state, so I can see that conduit between CWU’s College of the Sciences and Olympia getting even stronger.”

Englund has full confidence in Delgado’s future in this position, and how he will help shape the College of the Sciences.

“We are very excited to see how he creates the position around himself. I am very optimistic that we will become measurably better as a college and university because of [Delgado].”

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