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CWU Snow Removal Crews Earn Applause for Efforts During Storms This Week

Snow removal on the CWU Ellensburg campus.

CWU snow-removal crews have been busy this week, keeping walkways clear and creating access points to all campus buildings.

The Operations department at Central Washington University has been put to the test this week after an estimated 2 feet of snow fell in Ellensburg between Sunday and Thursday.

But despite the unexpected challenges, CWU snow removal crews have managed to keep up — and then some.

If current conditions hold, the Operations team expects to have all of the snow cleared from campus walkways, roadways, parking lots, and other access points by 2 p.m. Sunday. 

Overtime opportunities have been offered to crews this weekend so the team can get the campus ready for normal operations by Monday. The Ellensburg campus was not open Thursday or Friday due to severe weather.

“Our snow-removal crews have done an outstanding job this week, and I can’t thank them enough,” said Shane Scott, CWU’s associate vice president of campus planning and facilities management. “The new snow-removal equipment we purchased has been paying off, and our students living on campus have been the main beneficiaries during this major snow event.”

Among the Operations team’s many accomplishments this week, Scott pointed to:

  • Main building entries (residence halls, academic buildings): 75% clear; 100% have pathways
  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps: 95% clear
  • Main walkways: 75% clear
  • Service doors: 75% clear
  • Emergency exits: 60% clear
  • Blue Light emergency phones: 60% clear
  • Fire hydrants: 60% clear

As of Friday afternoon, the campus parking lots were only 25% clear, but CWU grounds crews will be clearing and hauling snow beginning at 4 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, the Operations team has performed essential checkups of the drainage systems, mechanical rooms and equipment, roofs, and other crucial campus infrastructure. Crews are also preparing for potential flooding, with five pallets of sandbags ready to be deployed.

Media contact: David Leder, Department of Public Affairs,, 509-963-1518.