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CWU Emergency Management Team Assists On Large-Scale FEMA Exercise

Map of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

CWU Emergency Management participated in a FEMA Region 10 exercise over the past year to prepare for the anticipated Cascadia Rising seismic event.

Over the past year, CWU’s Office of Emergency Management assisted the Washington State Emergency Management Department and FEMA Region 10 in several development aspects of Cascadia Rising 2022 (CR22). CWU participated in five exercise workgroups, primarily the Mass Care and Startup video groups.

CR22 was a National Level Exercise that examined the ability of all levels of government, private industry, and non-governmental organizations to respond to and recover from a large rupture along the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault line, which runs along the Pacific coastal states. 

Washington State EMD commended CWU on the quality and amount of time the staff contributed to the exercise. Segments of the CR22 Warm Start videos were created by students, staff, and external partners from the following areas:

  • KCWU-FM 88.1 The Burg students, led by Kajal Lang. General Manager Tommy Skaggs provided voiceovers for the videos.
  • KNDU-TV news anchors Monty Webb and Madeline Carter assisted CWU EM with green screen productions.
  • CWU Theatre Arts students, under the guidance of Jerald Dougherty, participated in a two-credit workshop to produce segments for the university to utilize in further exercises.
  • A CWU EH&S staff member (who requested anonymity) also contributed a voiceover in segment 2.

Media Contact: David Leder, Department of Public Affairs,, 509-963-1518