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CWU Community Stands Together In Honoring LGBTQ+ Lives

Rainbow Lights on the SURC, with the Wildcat statue in the foreground

The CWU community stands with the LGBTQ+ community after the horrific tragedy that unfolded in Colorado Springs last weekend.

Dear CWU Community, 

The urgent necessity of our work to model change for equity and belonging was further reinforced this weekend following the tragic violence at Club Q in Colorado. Innocent lives were harmed and lost because of our nation’s enduring struggle with violence and oppression targeting the LGBTQ+ communities. We also mourn with the transgender community as this apparent hate crime occurred the day before the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday, November 20th. 

We must continue to do far more than offer thoughts to those victimized by violence; indeed, empowering peace, love, and justice must be centered in all we do to live our promise of higher learning. In our classrooms, workplaces, and communities, we carry the important and urgent responsibility to challenge cultures of hate and intolerance and pursue appreciation for all. This is woven throughout Central’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning work, and it is core to our future as a university carrying the important responsibility of providing access to all. 

Central Washington University firmly stands in solidarity with LGBTQ+ People and their allies in the enduring fight for justice and equality, and we condemn in the strongest terms possible the unspeakable, enduring acts of violence and oppression against these communities. As a symbol of our support, the Diversity and Equity Center and ASCWU are co-hosting a vigil on Monday, November 28th, at 5:30pm in the SURC East Patio at the Wildcat statue to honor those whose lives have been lost due to recent hate crimes across the United States.   

In addition, DEC’s Reflection Rooms (Black 105 or Black 101-8) are available for students, faculty, and staff to have a quiet space to reflect or meditate. The CWU community stands with you during this very difficult time.


Kandee Cleary
Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

Jim Wohlpart