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Internal Audit

How to Report

Central Washington University’s Internal Audit Department has established this web access form to provide the campus with a mechanism to ask the auditor questions, provide the auditor with information about concerns that you may have regarding university activities, or make comments about the audit process. There may be times when an employee has a concern but does not know who to talk to. Internal Audit encourages university employees to first consider discussing their concerns with their supervisor but provides this anonymous contact form for those employees who wish to report within the university, but outside of their department.

When you submit information using the web form below, you can choose whether to send your personal information such as name and contact information. If you choose not to share you contact information with us then your input will be entirely anonymous. Be aware that anonymous reports are sometimes difficult to investigate. The investigator is not able to ask follow-up questions or get information from you that might be helpful to the investigation. The Internal Auditor will handle all information received in a confidential and discrete manner, within the limits of the law. It is expected that any comment or concern provided to Internal Audit will be submitted in good faith.

Confidential Contact Form

Use this form to submit questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for improvement to the Internal Audit Manager. Submitter’s personal information is optional. If you do not provide your name and contact information we will be unable to personally respond to you or obtain additional follow up information, so please provide as much detailed information as possible.


Submitter's Personal Information

Anonymity: Employees may choose to remain anonymous when using the Hotline. If the employee opts to remain anonymous, no effort will be made to identify the person making the report. If an employee chooses to provide their name, the report will be handled discreetly and treated confidentially to the extent possible under applicable laws.

User Information: Your user information and IP address are not tracked unless your contact information is provided below.

Protection: State law and university policy prohibits employees from engaging in retaliatory conduct against those who make or are perceived to have made a report of unethical, illegal and unsafe acts or those who provide information as a witness to such acts.

Please provide as much detailed information as possible. Include: names, titles and department of the people involved, alleged actions, specific concerns, specific fund and account information, when the situation took place, dollar value, etc.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png txt rtf pdf doc docx odt ppt pptx odp xls xlsx ods.

For your information, the comments, concerns or questions received by Internal Audit via this e-mail process will be reviewed and prioritized based on an analysis of the facts provided and level of risk to the university. Information received which is related to other areas of university governance such as Human Resources and Equal Opportunity will be forwarded to that department for further review in accordance with their respective policies and procedures.

Thank you for your time and the information you have provided. If you wish to contact Internal Audit directly, please call Jesus Baldovinos at (509) 963-1191. We appreciate your assistance in helping to protect the university's resources and improve university operations.


Whistleblower Protection

The Washington State Whistleblower Act provides protections to the whistleblower against retaliation if the complainant acts in good faith when reporting improper governmental actions appropriately through the Office of the Washington State Auditor or one of Central’s designees. If you wish to file a complaint under the Washington State Whistleblower program, please go to If you wish to make an official Washington State Whistleblower report through one of Central’s official designees, please refer to current list of designated public officials available in the Whistleblower Procedure (CWUR 3-20-010).

Other University Resources

For emergency assistance with an immediate threat to life or property, call 911. For non-emergency assistance on campus call University Police at 509-963-2959.

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