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Financial Aid


Students: Work-Study Information

  •  What is Work-Study?
    • Work-Study is a program that helps college students with financial need get part-time jobs and gain work experience
    • Work-Study jobs provide students with a regular paycheck, based on the hours worked
    • Work-Study is included in your financial aid offer to reflect how much you can earn (up to your Cost of Attendance).
    • For the 2023-2024 academic year, eligible undergrads can earn up to $4,900 through Work-Study positions. Students may be eligible to work more hours and earn more money depending on your other financial aid 
    • Work-Study jobs can be on- or off- campus. They often provide experience in your field of study, enhance your resume, build connections with future employers, and offer flexible hours to support your education
  • Are you eliigble for Work-Study?
    • Students must submit a FAFSA or WASFA to be eligible
    • Work-Study eligibility is determined by financial need
    • Your financial aid offer letter will estimate your financial need. Or, reach out to to find out if you are eligible
  • Will Work-Study earnings affect my other financial aid?
    • Accepting Work-Study may lower the amount of aid you receive in unsubsidized loan funding
    • Work-Study earnings will never reduce gift aid
  • Is Work-Study right for me? 
    • Work-Study is a great option if you are looking for a part-time job to help pay for college
    • Work-Study is a great way to get experience in your field
    • Work-Study funds are paid to students as they work, not at the beginning of the quarter like other financial aid
    • Speak with a financial aid counselor for help determining whether Work-Study is the right choice for you
  • On-Campus versus Off-Campus jobs

    • CWU on-campus jobs are posted on the CWU Career network. You will apply through the directions on the job posting.

    • CWU off-campus jobs are also posted on the CWU Career network. Send your resume to to apply at open positions and be in the applicant pool for off-campus employers
      • When you send your resume, please include your class schedule, availability, and preferred interests


SNAP/EBT Benefits for Work-Study eligible students

If you are eligible for Work-Study or are a current Work-Study student, you can qualify for SNAP/EBT benefits. File for benefits by June 9, 2023. 

CWU Students can apply online or by phone. If you need assistance, the Office of Case Management will help with the application process or other resources.
After submitting an application, you will need to complete a phone interview with DSHS. 


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