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Club Meetings & Events

If you are already an established club looking to register and put on a CWU sanctioned meeting or event, this page will serve as your starting point.

In person meetings and events are probibted at minimum until January 11th

Meeting and Event Registration Form: Meeting and Event Registration Form

Expressive Activities Policy

The policies of Central Washington University concerning the use of campus facilities by campus and non-campus groups for engaging in free speech and other expressive activities.

Expressive Activities Full Policy: Expressive Activities Policy

Protection of Right of Peaceful Protest: Protection of Right of Peaceful Protest

Staff are happy to assist students who want to discuss or better understand their rights, risks, and safety whith regard to expressive activities but it is no way required.

For support or more information please contact

Student Engagement Coordinator of Student Involvement Michael Middleton (
Diversity and Equity Center (

Student Meetings and Events and Covid-19


In Person Meetings and Events Occup: Off Campus, Academic Spaces, SURC Meeting Rooms

Maximum 10 people. (Or capacity of room if less than 10).

In person Meetings and Events SURC exception spaces

SURC Ballroom A & D (capacity 35 each in classroom setup)
SURC Theatre (capacity 60)

Registering Meetings and Events

Register your meeting or event in CWU Presence. Registration Link.
This will initiate the scheduling process.

Contact Tracing

Required for all in person meetings. Can be done through CWU Presence Check Point App.

Meeting Guidelines

All participants must wear facial coverings, and maintain physical distancing within the meeting space.


Food at meetings and events is allowed ONLY if it is one person per package of food. Food must be prepared by a professional and cannot be homemade and then individually wrapped.

Examples Not approved:

  • A box of pizza that is purchased and self serve.
  • Homemade brownies that are then indivudally wrapped in plastic.
  • An open tray of rice served in portions by hosting participants.

Examples Approved:

  • Indivudal boxed lunches provided by CWU Catering.
  • Individual take out trays provided by an Outside Caterer.

Non-CWU Person Attendance

No Non-CWU persons will be allowed physically in on campus spaces, including meetings and events and including off campus partners.


No Sanctioned Club Travel for Fall.

Additional Information

Student Engagement recognizes the importance of students gathering together safely during the quarter. To best accomplish this, we recommend student club and organization officers and advisors adhere to the following policies and procedures when planning their events and activities:

  • Anything that can effectively be done exclusively online should be. A business meeting of a club/organization, for instance, should be just as effective online as in-person, so that should be done online. Other things (like a social event or activity) can be in-person so long as they can be done safely and within Programming Guidelines Programming Guidelines established and approved by the university.
  • Clubs and Organizations should not require in-person attendance at any official meeting, gathering, or event. If the meeting or event is required for membership, there should be a way for students and others to participate without being physically present. Event marketing should include the options for participants to join-in online.
  • The number of participants at an event or meeting must be in line with state, city, and/or university guidelines. If those guidelines aren’t in place, then attendance is limited by the venue’s setup and ability to allow participants to maintain six feet of distance from each other at all times. (The scheudling center will be able to assist with capacity). Please note that most large meeting rooms on campus will be used as classroom space Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Clubs and organizations will receive access and training to an event/meeting attendance online program called Presence. The use of this software will be required for all in-person events/meetings to allow for required Contract Tracing protocol.
  • Everything should be no-touch. Swiping in and other attendance methods should be done in such a way that nothing is handed directly from person to person.
  • Participants must maintain a distance of at least six feet apart from each other at all times (this includes entering and exiting the event venue).
  • Handouts should be given out in a safe, no-touch manner. Agendas, minutes, and other paper handouts should be provided virtually rather than printed and passed out.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times during the event.
  • Tabling can be done so long as participants maintain six feet of distance from each other and nothing is handed directly from person to person. The use of QR codes is recommended as opposed to traditional sign-up or sign-in sheets.
  • Tabling outside is preferred to tabling inside.
  • Events can be done in stages or shifts to limit the number of participants at any given time.
  • Clubs and Organizations should feel free to not do their typical events. While something may be tradition, this is a good opportunity to think about innovation.
  • Timeline for Event Planning

    When to initiate event registration processes.

    The recommended timeline for initiating the event process is 6-8 weeks prior to the date of your event.
    When planning for an event we must make sure you are in line with the following protocol:

    • All necessary funding has been secured.
    • Any necessary contracts and financial forms (A-19s and W-9s) have been processed and signed to secure payment for any external vendors, performers, or speakers.
    • All necessary forms and approvals are in for having food at an event (both on and off campus).
    • All room reservations, equipment and setup parameters are made and associated costs are paid for.
    • You've allowed enough time for adequate publicity both internal to your club and if using CWU's Publicity Center.
  • Event Approval

    Process for Event Approval

    1. Submit an Intent to Event form for approval.The event form must be submitted and approved before your event populates into the system and can be shared publicly.
      Intent to Event Form
    2. There will be a link to 25 Live within the event form. You will submit a reservation request within 25 Live for the room you want in a separate window then come back and complete the Event Registration form. SURC Scheduling will review your request and will reach out to you if there are any costs, questions or concerns about the location.
    3. Your event will also be reviewed by Student Involvement and if needed you will be requested to come in for a physical meeting with the Student Involvement Team. This meeting will be initiated if your event requires any sort of contract, event liability insurance, or food. During which we will walk you through initiating each necessary process.
    4. Once the Scheduling Center has approved and all forms are submitted and approved by each associated entity (Catering, Dean of Student Success, Contracts office, etc...) Your event will be approved.

    *If you submit an event that requires a contract, food, or special facility process and you are outside of the 6-8 week window you may be asked to postpone your event.

  • Event Support Resources

    On Campus Resources Available for Event Support

    Each resource below can assist with putting on a successful event or assist with taking your event to the next level. Please note that services may come at a cost.

    Wildcat Tickets

    • Wildcat Tickets offer three convenient ways to purchase tickets: online, in person and over the phone.
    • If you plan on selling tickets for your event as a Club it must be processed through Wildcat Tickets.
    • Currently there are no costs for recognized clubs in good standing.
    • Be sure to select the Wildcat Tickets option in the Event Form.

    KCWU 88.1 The Burg

    KCWU offers a variety of different set ups to fit your event needs, big or small.

    • The KCWU promotions team comes prepared with an extensive music library, an assortment of speakers, DJ lighting, and more.
    • Additionally, KCWU may be able to assist in promoting your upcoming event through radio broadcast.
    • Be sure to select the 88.1 The Burg option in the event form.

    Publicity Center

    The Publicity Center offers comprehensive design, marketing/ media and consulting services to promote student-focused events, programs, and organizations. Services include the following:

    • Posters and booklets.
    • Social media packages.
    • Stickers and other promotional items.
    • Overall event marketing support.
    • Be sure to select the Publicity option in the event form.

    Student Union Event Support Services & Equipment Rental

    Student Union and Event Support Services can offer consultations as to what equipment you will need, and provide their services if your desired venue is inside the SURC.

    • Inside the SURC they offer an equipment rental service that includes sound equipment, pipe and drape, lighting, screens, and more.
    • Outside the SURC some of their professional-grade equipment is available for rent.
    • Be sure to select Event Support Services in the Event Form.
  • Food at Events

    Event Food Policy

    Each process to obtain food at your event will be backed by the support of Student Involvement once you have submitted the event registration form. The minimum time needed to process food requests is 6 weeks prior to the desired event.

    On Campus Catering

    This is food provided by CWU's dining and catering services.

    • We will work with you to submit a catering order.
    • Be sure to preview the catering menu so you have an idea of the items you may want and the associated cost.
    • CWU Catering Menu

    Off Campus Catering

    Off Campus catering refers to bringing a non-cwu vendor to campus in order to cook, prep, and/or serve their own food. When intending to bring an off campus caterer to campus we must consider the following:

    • Verification of liability Insurance, business licences, food handling & safety certification.
    • Verfication of safe means of food transport and serving apparatus.
    • Creation and signature of contract prior to event and service date.
    • We will work with you to process all of this information, be sure to select 'Off Campus Caterer' in the Event Form.