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CWU Presence Supplemental Materials

In the below table you will find some resources to help you navigate and utilize the CWU Presence System.
CWU Presence is a Campus Management Software with a high level of functionality, from hosting your club or organization portal, creating events, or managing your club. CWU Presence is the main hub for all things club and organization at CWU.

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CWU Presence Guide Documents & Video Walkthroughs

Please note you will need to be logged in to access these materials, and you will only have access to these materials if you have adminstrative access.
Please contact the SLICE office if you are unable to view the materials and need access.


Navigating the Student Portal

  • Intro
  • Content Overview
  • Student Profile
  • Forms intro
  • Organizations (Overview & Navigation)
  • Events into

Student's Guide to the Admin Dashboard (Officer side of the system)

  • Navigating to admin & logging in
  • Intro to admin dashboard
  • Forms
  • Support Options
Manging your Club & Org

Guide to Organization/Portal Management

  • Portal review-student facing side.
  • Details tab
  • Events tab
  • Roster tab
  • Members & join settings

Guide to Meeting/Event Management

  • Intro to Events
  • Creating an event
  • Events landing page

Event Check in and Attendee Management

  • Intro to Event Check In & Pin
  • Intro to Presence apps
  • Managing event attendees

Guide to Forms Management

  • Create a form
  • Field settings
  • My Forms tab
  • Form response page
  • Submitting a form
Annual Club Renewal (Transitioning your club)

How to transition your club

Presence Adminstrators

Core Trainings for Administrators

Additional Information Full List of Presence Knowledge Materials