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Becoming a club and maintaining club recognition.

Refer to this page to find key information on our ICA club policy, how to become registered as an ICA club, how to maintain your status as a club, and for tips on drafting your club constitution.

  • ICA Club Policy

    Looking for a Club?

    A complete listing of all recognized student clubs at Central will be found on CWU Presence.
    CWU Presence (currently being updated for Fall 2020).

    Central Washington University Policy on ICA Clubs

    • Central Washington University will regulate any student club using the name of Central Washington University or claiming an association with Central Washington University.
    • ICA recognition comes with organizational rights and responsibilities but does not imply University endorsement of the purposes of a student club.
    • Students who wish to form an official club, or association must seek recognition through the Office of Student Involvement.
    • Official recognition may be removed from any group for not fulfilling the rights and responsibilities as defined by the Inter Club Association, Student Involvement, or the University.
    • All members of Central Washington University's ICA Student Clubs including all leadership positions must be identified on their official roster through CWU Presence and be held by currently enrolled Central Washington University students.
    • A full time Faculty or Staff adviser is also required to be identified on the roster. This position may not be fulfilled by a student who is not simulateneously a full time employee of Central Washington University.
    • Although interaction with off campus advisers, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the local community is encouraged, it should be emphasized that student clubs at Central must be composed of Central Washington University students.
    • We encourage all student clubs to be led by the democratic authority of the current enrolled students involved in the club.
    • No club may select its leadership from or give voting authority to non-students. Although we may work with outside organizations to help our student groups, we rely on our students to lead the registered student club. Violation of this policy may result in club suspension.

    ICA Procedure Handbook (2019)

  • Registering a new ICA Club

    Registration and Club Types

    Registration Process

    The Office of Student Involvement will be responsible for groups seeking to register as a Central Washington University ICA Club. These groups must meet with the Student Engagement Coordinator to review the policies and procedures that need to be followed to establish a new student club on campus. After meeting with the Student Engagement Coordinator, the club representatives should proceed with the following steps:

    • Acquire a minimum of four founding members.
    • Acquire a Fac/Staff Adviser.
    • Create your club's constitution and by-laws.
    • Complete SURC Accounting & Scheduling Signature Sheet
    • Complete new club online registration.

    Club Types: Funded V.s. Non-funded

    Currently the recognition types and process for new groups is being reviewed by the office of Student Involvement. All current and new clubs will be typed based on the following set of guidelines. Any current club who wishes to be reclassified should meet with the Executive Director of Student Involvement to discuss their options.

    Funded Clubs

    Clubs and organizations that are open to all students, and all student members in good standing may participate in the democratic authority of the club, including receiving voting rights and running for organizational leadership.

    Non-funded Clubs

    Clubs that are selective in choosing its membership and/or leadership. The selective categories may include categories such as ‘by major’ or 'by program' but may not include any category of protected class as described in the Federal, State or University Nondiscrimination statements, policies or laws.* (Examples of acceptable restrictions include Honor Societies or major/program selective clubs).

    Registered Student Clubs must adhere to Central Washington University's regulations, as well as state and federal statutes. Registered Student Clubs must also provide opportunities for membership without regard to the following:

    • Race/ Creed/ Color
    • National origin/ Nationality /Ancestry
    • Age /Sex/gender (including pregnancy) /Marital status
    • Civil union status/ Domestic partnership status/ Familial status
    • Religion/ Affectional or sexual orientation /Gender identity or expression
    • Atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait/Genetic information /Liability for service in the Armed Forces of the United States
    • Varying ability status
  • Requirements to maintain status as a recognized ICA Student Club

    Recognized and current ICA Student Clubs must satisfy the following:

    • Completion of six civic engagement hours per quarter.
    • Completion of attendance at three club engagement events per quarter.
    • Attendance by (club president or selected designee) at a minimum of two of three Inter Club Association meetings per quarter.
    • Attendance at annual mandatory club officer training by a minimum of two club officers per club.
    • Maintaining an up to date CWU Presence Portal.
    • Annually renewing club status.
  • Renewal of a current ICA Club

    Annual Renewal Process

    All current ICA Clubs must renew each year with the Office of Student Involvement. The club must make sure their club portal is updated on CWU Presence, with a current membership roster and new club officers where applicable. Additionally, each club must submit a new SURC Accounting & Scheduling Signature Sheet within the first three weeks of the Fall Quarter. If renewal is not completed by the deadline, the club will be placed on the suspension and all privileges will be lost. Non-compliance for two quarters will result in loss of recognition. The Executive Director of Student Involvement will then notify the Dean of Student Success, the club adviser, and the last listed club president about the loss of the club’s recognition.

  • Writing Constitutions & Bylaws

    How to write Constitution & Bylaws

    Each student club must have procedures that clearly define its methods of conducting business. A constitution and bylaws are an effective means of establishing those procedures. The constitution states the principles creating the organization. The bylaws contain a more detailed explanation of how the organization is governed. Student Involvement provides a constitution template as a starting point.
    Constitution Template(PDF)

    Constitutions are subject to review and approval by ICA and Student Involvement and are held to the following guidelines:

    • Grounds and process for removal of an officer or adviser must be outlined.
    • Process for initiating and conducting special elections must be outlined.
    • No officer position may be held for more than one academic year without re-election.
    • Any external affiliations must be disclosed with most recent contact information included.