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Off-Campus Travel

COVID-19 and Club Travel

Travel is active and permitted as approved by the administration. Note: All student travelers must meet all university eligibility requirements (including vaccine verification). Eligibility is reviewed in the Dean of Student Success office.

Club & Org Travel

All travel taking place on behalf of your club must be registered with the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLICE) office and by extension the Division of Student Engagement & Success. Travel on behalf of your club includes travel, funded by club/org and/or S&A money pots, that your club name or association with CWU will be public facing and/or advertised, that is attended by a majority of club members and is connected to the purpose, development, or growth of the club or it's members.

  • RSO Travel Policies

    When traveling on behalf of their club or organization, students are expected to exhibit behaviors that reflect the standards set forth in the Central Washington University Student Handbook & Code of Conduct.

    Clubs and organization requesting RSO funding to travel must complete the Funding Request process.

    Travel Policies

    • All student club or organization travel is subject to approval through CWU Division of Student Success, CWU Travel Desk, and Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLICE).
    • Travel funding will only be awarded if the organization’s travel leader(s) have attended a Travel Meeting prior to departure with the SLICE professional staff and signed off acknowledging that they are aware of CWU travel policies and guidelines. Failure to attend a travel meeting prior to departure may result in the organization being prohibited from future travel and may impact future organization status.
    • Funding from the RSO funding pot to support travel is limited to registration, transportation, lodging, and meals. Funding cannot be used for leisure activities or excursions while in travel status.
    • RSO sanctioned travel through SLICE is not permitted during the summer session, winter break period, or other university break periods (except spring break). RSO sanctioned travel is permitted through fall, winter, and spring academic quarters as well as during spring break.
    • Any organization requesting funding to travel must submit a Funding Request and Travel request form no later than 30 days prior to departure. No exceptions.
    • International travel is not permitted at this time.

    Allowable RSO Travel

    • Allowable club and organization travel is limited to conferences, competitions, workshops, and symposiums with a partnered organization related to the purpose or mission of the organization.
    • Club and organization travel that is not organized by a partnered organization, such as a retreat, must include a detailed agenda of all activities involved in the retreat. Funding for RSO travel that is not organized by a partnered organization is subject to approval by SLICE.
    • SLICE reviews all travel requests on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to deny any travel request that is deemed not an appropriate use of student fee funding.
    • Any organization found misusing travel funding or exhibiting inappropriate conduct while in travel status may have their organization’s active status revoked.


    • Club/organization travel is defined as travel 50 miles or more outside of the CWU campus.
    • Travel within 50 miles will only need a Travel Request form submission if students are requesting funds specifically to assist with travel.
    • Events within 50 miles of CWU campus may be considered an off-campus event.
    • Organizations hosting an off-campus event should follow the same procedure for event scheduling but indicate the address of the location in their first choice room.

    Travel Funding Eligibility

    • All students traveling as representatives of a registered CWU club or organization must be registered as a Full or Part time student in credit bearing courses at Central Washington University during the Quarter they are traveling.
    • All student travelers are subject to an eligibility requirements check, and only students deemed eligible will be approved to travel and approved to receive RSO funding for travel.
    • Eligibility includes enrollment, academic standing, and COVID19 vaccination status. Students with a religious or medical exemption to the COVID19 vaccine are not eligible to travel.
  • Travel Registration Timeline and Process

    Registering your CWU sanctioned club travel

    In order to travel as a student club (must be active) you must register your travel with the office of Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLICE) through the Intent to Travel Form.
    Intent to Travel Form

    Timeline for registering your travel.

    • All travel must be registered at least 30 day prior to departure. Travel requests submitted less than 30 days prior to departure are not considered CWU sanctioned travel and will be denied.

    Travel Registration Process

    • Submit the Intent to Travel Form along with the Funding request form.
      • If it is In State Travel your form will be reviewed, documented, and approved all online (barring any items on the itinerary that need further explanation). After submission we will schedule an in person meeting with the SLICE Team to review your trip, travel roster, and submit your travel authorization.
    • After completion of the associated processes your travel registration form will be approved.

    *Please note failure to receive approval for travel may result in loss of status as a recognized student club and loss of eligibility for reimbursement of any awarded funds.

  • Travel Leader Expectations

    Designated a Travel Leader

    At minimum one student will serve as the travel leader if a Fac/Staff Adviser is not travelling with the group. A faculty/staff adviser is not required for travel unless otherwise designated by Student Leaderhip, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLICE) or the International Office. The student who submits the Intent to Travel Form is by default is the designated travel leader unless otherwise identified in writing.

    Travel Leader Expectations

    • To attend in person travel meetings with either SLICE or the International Office.
      • In the meeting the travel leader will review all club travel policy and guidelines.
    • It is the responsibility of the travel leader to communicate SLICE travel policy to all attendees going on the trip.
    • The travel leader will serve as the main point of contact with SLICE during the trip.
    • The travel leader will report any delays, cancellations, or emergency situations to the SLICE Duty Phone.
    • The travel leader will enforce Student Club Travel policy and report any students who may be in violation of policy.
    • The travel leader will report to the duty phone when the group has arrived back to campus safely.
  • Faculty/Staff Travel with Student Clubs

    Guidelines for Fac/Staff travelling with Student Clubs

    Faculty/Staff are not required for a student club to go on a sanctioned trip, however they are more than welcome to. Should a Faculty/Staff person intend to go on the trip they will become the designated travel leader. Expectations of Fac/Staff while travelling with students include the following:

    • Faculty/Staff shall not share a room with any CWU students regardless of sex or gender identity.
    • If staying in a hotel Fac/Staff must have their own room separate from the students. Fac/Staff may stay in a room adjacent/joined to a student room only if the connecting corridor can be locked from both sides.
    • If staying in an AirBnb Faculty/Staff must have their own separate lockable room. Fac/Staff may not share a room or sleep in common spaces when rooming with students in an AirBnB.
    • Fac/Staff rooming accommodations should be made apparent to every student who is traveling prior to booking and securing rooms. Students should voice any concerns in these rooming accomodations to the Fac/Staff individual. If the students do not feel comfortable voicing those concerns directly they may contact Student Involvement to facilitate the conversation.
    • Fac/Staff are able to request and potentially utilize funds from S&A Supplemental (S&A Supplemental Funds have been suspended for the 2021-2022 academic year) if included in their request.
    • Fac/Staff are unable to utilize funds awarded through Club Council Funding.
  • Steps to Prepare to Travel

    Before Travel

    • Decide which club member will serve as the travel leader for the trip.
    • Do your research. You should be prepared to answer all the following questions:
      • What is the purpose of this trip?
      • Am I prepared to pay for this trip at my own expense if funding is not awarded? Have I met with a member of SLICE to discuss financial preparation for the trip?
      • Have I researched different lodging options? Where will we stay?
      • When do we plan to depart and return to campus?
      • How will we get there?
      • Where is this trip located?
      • How will this trip help my organization’s mission?
    • Gather your list of travelers. You should include all potential travelers, as students cannot be added to the list of travelers.
      • You will need to gather their first and last name, student ID number, student cell phone number, and an emergency contact name and phone number for each traveler.
    • Prepare your travel itinerary.
      • Plan out your trip from to start to finish, including departure and arrival dates and times, methods of transportation, and plans for lodging.
    • Submit your travel request form a minimum of 30 days prior to departure, available at > Travel request.
    • Submit your funding request form a minimum of 30 days prior to departure if requesting funds to travel.
    • Monitor your CWU email for any questions or additional information needed from SLICE or the Travel office.
    • After this step, the travel request will be reviewed along with the funding request (if applicable).
    • After travelers are approved as eligible & funding is approved by funds council, the travel leader/requester will get an email notification of approval from a SLICE staff member.

    A SLICE staff member will contact the travel leader to schedule a required travel meeting.

    • During the travel meeting, the travel leader will have a chance to go over the travel itinerary with a SLICE professional staff member, confirm the final list of travelers, emergency procedures, and to sign off on the travel agreement.
    • Failure to attend a travel meeting prior to departure may result in a loss of active organization status***
  • During Travel & Post-Travel

    During Travel

    • Alert SLICE on-call phone of any emergencies that may arise during the trip.
    • Alert SLICE on-call phone when club has arrived at their destination, and when they have arrived back to CWU.

    After Travel

    • Following the trip, the travel leader should complete the post-funding form provided by SLICE (available soon).