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Off-Campus Travel

COVID-19 and Club Travel

Unfortunately, currently we have been directed that we will need to suspend club travel throughout the Fall in order to help mitigate the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak on campus.
We are currently assessing historically what money from ICA funding was typically utilized for travel in the fall and making plans for how we can re-purpose those funds to give back to you all to be decided on club vote.

ICA Club Travel

All travel taking place on behalf of your club must be registered with the Office of Student Involvement and by extension the Division of Student Success. Travel on behalf of your club includes travel, funded by ICA and/or S&A money pots, that your club name or association with CWU will be public facing and/or advertised, that is attended by a majority of club members and is connected to the purpose, development, or growth of the club or it's members.

Examples of travel that must be registered:

  • A corporate or professional site visit.
  • A regional, state, national, or international conference.
  • A service or volunteer project.
  • A performance, workshop, rally, parade, or other group gathering associated with the purpose of the club.
  • Other activity as identified by Student Involvement. When in doubt be sure to ask.
  • Travel Registration Timeline and Process

    Registering your CWU sanctioned club travel

    In order to travel as a student club you must register your travel with the office of Student Involvement through the Intent to Travel Form.
    Intent to Travel Form

    Timeline for registering your travel.

    • In State Travel- Registration must be submitted at minimum one week in advance of the travel date.
    • Out of State Travel- Registration must be submitted at minimum one month in advance of the travel date (including Oregon, and Idaho).
    • International Travel- Registration must be submitted at minimum six months in advance of the travel date (including Canada).

    Travel Registration Process

    • Submit the Intent to Travel Form.
      • If it is In State Travel your form will be reviewed, documented, and approved all online (barring any items on the itinerary that need further explanation).
      • If it is Out of State Travel, after submission we will schedule an in person meeting with the Student Involvement Team to review your trip, travel roster, and submit your travel authorization.
      • If it is International Travel, upon submission we will connect you with the Office of International Studies and Programs. The International Office will work with you to confirm proper travel insurance, connect with the local embassy, verify the itinerary, and review any associated travel advisories.
    • After completion of the associated processes your travel registration form will be approved.

    *Please note failure to receive approval for travel may result in loss of status as a recognized student club and loss of eligibility for reimbursement of any awarded funds.

  • Travel Leader Expectations

    Designated a Travel Leader

    At minimum one student will serve as the travel leader if a Fac/Staff Adviser is not travelling with the group. A faculty/staff adviser is not required for travel unless otherwise designated by the Office of Student Involvement or the International Office. The student who submits the Intent to Travel Form is by default is the designated travel leader unless otherwise identified in writing.

    Travel Leader Expectations

    • To attend in person travel meetings with either Student Involvement or the International Office.
      • In the meeting the travel leader will review all club travel policy and guidelines.
    • It is the responsibility of the travel leader to communicate Student Involvement travel policy to all attendees going on the trip.
    • The travel leader will serve as the main point of contact with Student Invovelment during the trip.
    • The travel leader will report any delays, cancellations, or emergency situations to the Student Involvement Duty Phone.
    • The travel leader will enforce Student Club Travel policy and report any students who may be in violation of policy.
    • The travel leader will report to the duty phone when the group has arrived back to campus safely.
  • Faculty/Staff Travel with Student Clubs

    Guidelines for Fac/Staff travelling with Student Clubs

    Faculty/Staff are not required for a student club to go on a sanctioned trip, however they are more than welcome to. Should a Faculty/Staff person intend to go on the trip they will become the designated travel leader. Expectations of Fac/Staff while travelling with students include the following:

    • Faculty/Staff shall not share a room with any CWU students regardless of sex or gender identity.
    • If staying in a hotel Fac/Staff must have their own room separate from the students. Fac/Staff may stay in a room adjacent/joined to a student room only if the connecting corridor can be locked from both sides.
    • If staying in an AirBnb Faculty/Staff must have their own separate lockable room. Fac/Staff may not share a room or sleep in common spaces when rooming with students in an AirBnB.
    • Fac/Staff rooming accommodations should be made apparent to every student who is traveling prior to booking and securing rooms. Students should voice any concerns in these rooming accomodations to the Fac/Staff individual. If the students do not feel comfortable voicing those concerns directly they may contact Student Involvement to facilitate the conversation.
    • Fac/Staff are able to utilize funds from S&A Supplemental if included in their request.
    • Fac/Staff are unable to utilize funds awarded through Club Council Funding.