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Welcome to the Inter Club Association

The Inter Club Association (ICA) strives to create a holistic collegiate experience through co-curricular student club focused opportunities that foster passion exploration, leadership development and the cultivation of habits of lifelong learning. It is the goal of the ICA to provide avenues for personal, professional, intellectual, and social growth in an ever-expanding collaborative environment.

See the 2019-2020 Annual Report (PDF) for highlights of our year.

The ICA is supported by the Office of Student Involvement located in SURC 250. The office is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 

Through Spring Quarter of 2020 our staff is working remotely as it is our collective responsibility to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Staff are available and more than happy to assist you during our normal office hours; please email or

ICA Club Updates 

  • Renewal will take place virtually. The club president or club designee will need to fill out the club/organization registration form. Club/organization registration form. Once submitted and approved your club renewal will be complete. However, please make sure to still fill out and e-mail your Accounting and Signature sheet to SURC Accounting in order to access your club account and schedule physical space. The Accounting and Signature Sheet can be found on the SURC Accounting Website
    • Be sure to check out our Presence Supplemental Materials Page presence supplemental materials for useful guide documents and video walkthroughs to help you navigate the system once you have registered.
  • Please see the Club Events page Club Events page for COIVD-19 guidance for events and meetings. 
  • ICA Club Travel will not take place during the Fall 2020 Quarter to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

Club Database

Central Washington University is home to over 150 student clubs and organizations spanning diverse interests, academic majors, beliefs, and hobbies. Please check back in Fall 2020 for an updated complete directory of student clubs located on CWU Presence

Club Speciality Groups

Equity and Service Organizations 

CWU Equity Organizations are Student Groups that represent specific cultural populations, and/or serve to advocate for general equity, diversity, and inclusivity. CWU Organizations are supported by the Diversity & Equity Center and the ASCWU Vice President of Equity and Community Affairs.Find more information on ASCWU's Website. ASCWU's website.

Sport Clubs

CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs are Student Groups centered around regular practices with the goal of competing in exhibitions, competitions, and tournaments on an inter-collegiate level. CWU Sport Clubs are supported by the CWU Recreation Department. Find more information on Recreation's Website. Recreation's website