Jump Start

Start strong—succeed together.

Jump Start creates a welcoming and supportive transition to college life for first-year students. This year-long, extended orientation program brings the cohort to campus one week before Week of Welcome (WoW), with monthly gatherings and workshops following. Meet faculty and staff, receiving an in-depth exploration of university and community resources, processes, and facilities. Create lifelong connections with Jump Start!

Jump Start Eligibility

Students are only required to meet one of the following criteria:
  • First-generation college student (neither parent nor guardian has a four-year college degree) 
  • You are in financial need (“low income” according to federal guidelines, for example, you meet Pell Grant eligibility requirements)
  • You have a documented disability 
  • From a historically minoritized population (CAMP and TRIO programs included)


Peer to Peer Mentorship

Jump Start students will work with peer mentors who will support students in their academic careers. Mentors will provide guidance to first-year students in order to help them best transition into their college careers. Mentors will meet with students on a periodic basis or at the discretion of the student throughout their first academic year.

Relationship Building

Students will have the opportunity to create life long connections through community building activities.

Insight & Access

Students will gain a deeper, more personal insight into the CWU campus while having access to resources tailored to support them throughout their academic careers.


Students will participate in workshops that are intended to boost their academic skills while enhancing their leadership potential.

Interested in joining Jump Start? Complete our Fall 2024 Cohort Application.



  • What is Jump Start?

    Jump Start is an extended orientation program designed to facilitate the successful transition of historically underrepresented students to Central Washington University. This program aims to support students throughout their college journey.

  • What kind of programs will Jump Start host?

    Jump Start Programming

    • Arrive one week prior to Week of Welcome (September 16th - September 19th)
    • Receive a free meal plan for the duration of the Jump Start week.
    • Attend workshops with Faculty and Staff.
    • Cohort building activities such as field trips, team building and student engagement activities.
    • Contribute in Movers & Shakers to assist with Move In weekend.
    • Connected to a Jump Start Student Leader (peer mentor)
    • Participate in a year-long cohort through your first year at CWU.

  • What will I do as a Jump Start member?

    Students will be members of a cohort made up of incoming first-year students and peer mentors
    who will be there to support 
    them. Students will attend monthly get-togethers with other cohort members. Students will also have the opportunity to attend outdoor excursions in the Ellensburg region. Students will conduct periodic check-ins with their peer mentors in order to ensure that their academic needs are being met and supported.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply, complete our Fall 2024 Cohort Application.

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Luis Reyes
Jump Start Program Coordinator

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