Welcome to CWU Teacher Academies! 

CWU Teacher Academies is a program funded by the Washington State Legislature within the CWU School of Education. Our goals are to help diversify the educator workforce and ease the teacher shortage.  Our Teacher Academy high school partners use the Recruiting Washington Teachers curriculum through OSPI and PESB.  

We support high school Teacher Academies in their efforts to help future teachers get on - and stay on - the teacher education pathway through close school-university partnerships.  Our CWU Teacher Academies "Hop on the Bus" Support Model includes 4 "wheels of connection" for our partner high schools:  Campus Connections, Faculty Connections, Advising Connections, and Student Connections. 🚌

For Teacher Academy graduates who attend CWU to continue their teacher education journey, we foster a Teacher Academies Grad community that includes opportunities for professional development, connection with other TA grads, and building relationships with our School of Education faculty and our school partners during their journey in higher education.  


What are Teacher Academies?

Renton School District Teacher Academy Program - YouTube

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