CWU Ensembles

Being part of the Central Washington University (CWU) ensembles within the music department offers a transformative experience that goes beyond simple musicianship. Imagine yourself joining the ranks of the CWU Wind Ensemble, the precision of your performance blending seamlessly with your fellow musicians to create a powerful sonic experience. Perhaps you'll lend your voice to the CWU Choir, where the intricate harmonies and complex melodies challenge you and highlight the emotive potential of the human voice. Or maybe the rhythm of the CWU Jazz Band will resonate with your spirit, leading you through vibrant improvisations and swinging rhythms. Each ensemble offers you an opportunity to learn, to perform, and to create. It’s not just about hitting the right notes; it’s about learning to communicate musically, to perform with conviction, and to connect with your audience. As a part of the CWU ensembles in the music department, you're not just a musician but an essential piece of a vibrant, living musical organism.

CWU Music Ensemble Opportunities

At CWU, there is an ensemble for everyone! From our large Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, or premier vocal group, the Chamber Choir to small Jazz combos or brass quintets - there is an ensemble for you. Browse the wide offering of ensembles listed below to find yours!



Jazz Ensembles

Choral Ensembles

Small Ensembles

  • Brass Choir - Dr. Jeff Snedeker, Professor of Horn
  • Trumpet Choir - Prof. John Harbaugh, Professor of Trumpet
  • Trombone Choir - Dr. John Neurohr, Professor of Trombone
  • Horn Ensemble - Dr. Jeff Snedeker, Professor of Horn
  • Percussion Ensemble - Prof. Mark Goodenberger, Professor of Percussion
  • String Chamber Groups - Prof. John Michel, Professor of Cello
  • Tuba & Euphonium Ensemble - Dr. David McLemore, Professor of Tuba and Euphonium

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