Why CWU Geology

Why Study Geology?

  • Do you want to have a meaningful career that addresses issues of importance to society without being tied to a desk?
  • Are you interested in learning more about the planet we live on or how it has changed over time?
  • Maybe you're interested in natural resources and mining, or hope to assess natural hazards and help save lives?

If any of these ideas sound appealing for a career path, a future in the geological sciences may be for you!

Studying the Earth Takes Many Forms

Geological science involves the study of the Earth, including its structure, composition, processes, and evolution.

  • It encompasses virtually all scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and environmental science.
  • It addresses critical societal issues such as energy, water and mineral resources, climate, preparing for and reducing natural hazards, and stewardship of the environment.

Because of the complex and hidden nature of many geological problems, a degree in the geological sciences can be extremely beneficial for future career opportunities where complicated and intricate problems often arise. In addition, solving diverse geological issues and problems that affect populations can provide focus and a great feeling of accomplishment and is often directly related to happiness for professional geologists.

Careers in Geosciences

Not only does majoring in the geological sciences allow students to work on many of society’s most important challenges, but it also unlocks lucrative and personally rewarding careers in government, industry and research, business, law, academia, and other professions in which an understanding of the earth and a background in science are important.

  • Geoscientists have employment opportunities everywhere, from local communities to remote locations around the globe.
  • Geoscientists are in high demand. A shortage of 118,000 geoscientists is projected over the next decade as new economic and environmental problems arise, and an older generation of geologists continue to retire. (American Geosciences Institute, 2019)

Why Geological Sciences at CWU?

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