Geography Careers

What kinds of careers can I pursue with a Geography degree? We hope this information will help you learn more about career opportunities and where to look for jobs.

Career Opportunities

Geographers work in a wide range of fields, depending on their interests. Our graduates have pursued careers in government, in the private sector, in academics, and at non-profit organizations.

Those that focus on geospatial technologies can find abundant career opportunities in GIS Analysis, mapping, location analytics, asset management, intelligence analysis, and resource management.

Those focusing on natural resource management generally find careers in landscape and resource analysts, climate change, wildfire management, water resources, and natural hazards management and mitigation.

Students with a focus on planning pursue careers in commercial and residential real estate, property development, urban and regional planning, transportation planning, and community development.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree is a good choice for students interested in broad training in geography that will lead to careers such as international affairs and trade, planning, or education. Our alumni with BAs have had job titles such foreign service officer with the United States Agency for International Development in Lima, Peru; associate planner with the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area; and planner with Yakima County.

Other alumni have worked in international trade. For instance, one alumnus works as an international relations specialist for a Japanese manufacture and another leads a large seafood exporter in Seattle. Still other alumni are teachers, instructors, and professors at levels ranging from local school districts to major universities.

Our geography degrees often provide a good foundation of knowledge for students heading into the military.

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The United States Department of Labor has identified geospatial technologies, including Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing, as one of the "three most important emerging and evolving fields.

Geography Jobs List

Our Jobs in Geography list is the most extensive in the Pacific Northwest. This group was established by long time Geography Professor Emeritus Nancy Hultquist, who passed away in 2021. Dr. Hultquist started the original listserv in the 1980s, maintaining the list well into her retirement for the benefit of CWU Geography students and alumni. We continue to provide this service to job seekers across the Pacific Northwest in Dr. Hultquist’s honor.

You are encouraged to sign up for the list to not only learn about jobs for which you may soon be qualified, but also to think about where you want to go in your career longer term and what kinds of qualifications you will need to get those jobs. See instructions for signing up 

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