Sport Business Minor or Certificate

About the Sport Business Minor or Certificate

Our program is designed to boost your current major study with a focused examination of the sport business industry. You will explore marketing, management, law, finance and other business principles as they apply specifically to the sport industry. At CWU we believe that you will do something great. Join our Sport Business Minor and unlock the potential that we know is within you.

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Why Study Sport Business at CWU?

Our Sport Business minor or certificate will enable you to have a fulfilling career in the sports field.

At CWU, we’re here for your future. If you have an interest in sports, then incorporating our Sport Business program into your current major will provide you with the background to pursue the industry after graduation.

Where is this program offered?

How much does this program cost?

Explore information on Cost, Aid, and Value to make an informed decision about investing in your education at CWU.

Where can I find more information?

Please visit the CWU Academic Catalog for current information about admission requirements, course descriptions, learner outcomes, and credit information.


“[My professors] always had interesting topics and conversations, and they continuously pushed us to learn more while also being happy to go more in depth on anything we needed clarification on.” India Matheson graduated in 2016 with a degree in Human Resource Management and a minor in Sport Business.

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